Itzy Friends Character Diaper Bag Charms



Itzy Ritzy’s Puffy Diaper Bag Charms

Add a fun charm to your diaper bag, purse or keychain!

Add a pop of personality to your diaper bag, purse or keychain with an Itzy Ritzy puffy diaper bag charm! Let the charm shine by itself as an accent or mix and match multiple charms from Itzy Ritzy’s collection to really make your bag your own. Each charm features a hinged clasp that allows it to be repositioned to any hook on your diaper bag for total personalization!

  • Our puffy charms are designed to be mixed and matched with our diaper bags while also being a nod to the characters found throughout our product line!
  • A lobster clasp allows you to easily move the charm from one bag to another
  • Puffy charms can be used to accessorize your diaper bag, purse, keychain, luggage and so much more!
  • A puffy charm makes a great gift idea for new moms looking to dress up their diaper bags!
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Add A Sweet Touch To Your Bag!

The adorable puffy charms in this collection can be mixed and matched with any diaper bag to add a pop of color and unique style!

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Durable Lobster Clasp

The lobster clasp on each puffy charm allows you to easily move them from one bag to another.

itzy ritzy, diaper bag charm, keychain

Accessorize More Than Just Your Diaper Bag!

Add a puffy charm to your mini wallet, keychain or purse for a personalized touch!