Breastfeeding Boss A Multitasking Must-Have for Nursing, Swaddling & More


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Itzy Ritzy Breastfeeding Boss Nursing Cover

This Must-Have Is Also A Swaddle, Car Seat Cover, Tummy Time Mat and Burp Cloth!

Lighten up your diaper bag with our multitasking Breastfeeding Boss! Made of ultra-soft, breathable muslin, this newborn essential goes from swaddle to nursing cover in seconds. When nursing, simply guide one end of the fabric through the soft corner loop and adjust to your liking for secure and stylish feedings on the go. When not being used as a nursing cover, the Breastfeeding Boss can transform into a burp cloth, tummy time blanket, and cover for strollers or changing tables!

  • The Breastfeeding Boss is a hospital bag must-have, and will save you space in your diaper bag!
  • It is multi-functional and can be used as a nursing cover, swaddle, car seat cover, tummy time mat and burp cloth
  • The Breastfeeding Boss measures 47″ x 47″
  • Made of 100% soft cotton muslin
itzy ritzy, breastfeeding boss, nursing cover, swaddle

A Full-Coverage Nursing Cover

The generous size of the Breastfeeding Boss makes it easy to comfortably breastfeed anywhere while being secure and stylish!

itzy ritzy, breastfeeding boss, swaddle, nursing cover

Use It As A Swaddle!

The Breastfeeding Boss is the perfect size for a swaddle, and baby will love how soft the 100% cotton muslin fabric feels against their skin.

itzy ritzy, breastfeeding boss, tummy time mat, tummy time blanket

Generous Size

The Breastfeeding Boss measures 47″ x 47″, giving baby a comfortable, large surface for tummy time!

itzy ritzy, breastfeeding boss, burp cloth, swaddle, nursing cover

Multiple Uses!

When not being used as a nursing cover, the Breastfeeding Boss can also be used as a burp cloth, swaddle, tummy time mat, car seat cover and a cover for a changing table.